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Find yourself within the closet sphere of Mother Nature. You will be delighted to watch the pristine beauty of the nature in the red soil of BARANTI.

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The cottages that stand distinct private secure. In house restaurant cater exclusively to the guest with wide menu of Indian Chinese cuisine.

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How to Go

From KOLKATA on road its a comfortable journey, take a break at Saktigarh enjoy famous sweet Langcha and go ahead for destination.

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Welcome To Baranti Ankhaibari Family Village Resort

" Baranti is surrounded by forest, hill and beautiful blue water lake and it is the most beautiful staying place over Baranti . You can enjoy a fascinating beauty and serenity from the window and the varanda of each room from the hut from morning to twilight. "

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-: Welcome to Ankhaibari Family Village Resort :-

PALASH FAGUN (Dol) Packages

Ankhaibari Family Village Resort. ( 2days - 2nights).

2days - 2nights (20th & 21st March, 2019)
TENT, 2 persons - Rs 8500/& Rs7900/(dome tent).
3 persons - Rs 11200/& Rs10300/(dome tent).
3days - 3nights (20,21& 22 March 2019).
AC, 2 persons -Rs 15900/.
AC, 3 persons - Rs 19350/.
TENT, 2 persons -Rs 11800/.
TENT, 3 persons -Rs 15825/.
DELUX TENT 3 persons -Rs 16825/
4 persons -Rs 20125/.

Package included : Fooding & Lodging, 1day sight seen(2 days 2 nights), 2 days sight seen(3 days 3 nights),1day "tribal dance", 1evening "baul gaan".

Food - Welcome drinks,Breakfast : Tea / coffe, luchi/ kachuri, alu dam/ / chola dal, boiled egg, sweet.

Lunch : Rice, dal, 1veg fry, mixed veg curry, egg curry, fish kalia/ chicken, salad, chatni, papad, tak doi.

Evening snacks : Tea, masala muri, veg pakora, chicken pakora / bar b q.

Dinner : Roti, dal fry, mixed fried rice chicken / mutton kassa, salad, sweet.

Sight seen : Joychandi hill, gar panchokot, panchet dam / Biharinath mandir, susunia hill.

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