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Find yourself within the closest sphere of Mother Nature. You will be delighted to watch the pristine beauty of the nature in the red soil of BARANTI.

It is surrounded by forest, hill and beautiful blue water lake and it is the most beautiful staying place over Baranti . You can enjoy a fascinating beauty and serenity from the window and the varanda of each room from the hut from morning to twilight. You will get the tasty and quality food according to your choice. If you are interested in wild life and nature study, please come in to Ankhaibari. Our staffs are always here to serve you.

Baranti- A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Popular for its rich heritage and culture and the very vibrant tribal people, Purulia, one of the most widely spoken about tourist attraction places in West Bengal,is getting an additional edge among travel bonkers and nature lovers, thanks to Baranti, a small but unbelievably scenic village at the place. Situated in a grandiose location between Baranti Hill and Muradi Hill, Baranti due to its effortlessly serene and peaceful environment has become one of the most famous gateways for people who seek to indulge in the virginity of nature and rejuvenate their souls by becoming one with the Mother Nature. A perfect spot for a short break from the hustle and monotone of city life, this place is one of those very few locations which remain fresh and evergreen in the memories of people who witness its beauty.

Situated in the vicinity of Kolkata, Baranti is an easily reachable heaven on earth. It takes just 5-6 hours to reach the spot from Howrah station by train and the village is just at a distance of 6 km from Muradi Railway Station. Despite being a remote village, its importance as a popular tourist spot has opened easier means of convenience to the place. Trekkers and cycle rickshaws are readily available from Muradi railway station and enthusiasts can hire one for a pretty cheap rate to reach the spot. Baranti can also be accessed by road with a total drive time of approximately 5-6 hours from Kolkata. Gripping over the muddy paths and crossing across the stony roads, one really forgets the hassles of reaching the place by witnessing its unaltered and divine beauty.

While natural beauty reserves are abundant at Baranti, manmade pieces of art which are being incorporated into the environment of this place are also worth watching. Enveloped within the calm and enchanting shadows of the hillocks and packed with the placid beauty of the lake, the manmade huts that resonate true beauty and comfort of residing close to nature, create an atmosphere that is enough to make you experience the true beauty and charm of residing close to nature. Simply a walk or drive over the red roads covered by lush greenery on the sides is so relaxing and enjoyable that even the thought of going away from the place disturbs the mind.

Nearby to Baranti are some very interesting and exquisite places to visit, like Jaychandi Pahar, Panchakot Hill which houses the Garh Panchakot, Biharinath Pahar, Maithon Dam, Ma Kalyaneshwari Temple and Panchet Dam. While the lush and dense forest covered hills are enthralling, the standstill yet extremely enigmatic and expressive waters of the Panchet Dam which remains a perfect mirror for the artefacts of the sky is equally relaxing and uplifting.

Baranti truly is a place that you will cherish coming back to year after year and thanks to the dense natural reserves of the place, which also includes the presence of rare animal species like hyenas, deers and rhacophorus, that you will be able to witness something so splendid in such close vicinity of Kolkata and that too in a very pocket and time friendly manner.

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